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Fundamentals of Automotive Functional Safety Control Systems Using ISO 26262

Kick start your career by learning how to implement engine control strategies and safety processes using the ISO 26262 standard.




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The Automotive Functional Safety Bootcamp is six weeks of intense, hands-on training and coaching that will get you ready to face and implement the newest safety standards in the automotive industry. In this video, hear from a recent LHP Training Solutions graduate about how this program is designed for any engineer who is ready to take the next step to become a controls engineer and work in the connected transportation space. 

Training Overview: What You Will Learn

This course, based on the ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety, gives students a foundation for implementing embedded control systems in automotive and industrial applications. Students learn and practice "soft skills" throughout the course for success on a modern engineering project team.

Students learn Controller Area Network (CAN) and the Society of Automotive Engineers standard SAE J1939 protocol for inter-electronic control unit (ECU) communications. Using Simulink®-based automatic code generation software, students implement an electronic throttle controller (ETC), design engine minimum-speed and maximum-speed governors, and, finally, implement and calibrate an engine controller with engine speed control and CAN communications.

At the end of the course, students are able to explain ISO 26262 automotive functional safety concepts using examples from the course's Electronic Throttle Control project, use CAN, and implement and calibrate embedded control software. This course gives students the skills, confidence, and experience to contribute as an engineering professional from the first day on the job.


The ISO 26262 standard will be integrated with the LHPU Controls Course to include:
  • Basic concepts and overview of ISO 26262 functional safety standard
  • Introduction to ISO 26262 important workflow and a deep understanding of work products
  • The safety plan, safety case, functional safety requirements (FSR), technical safety requirements (TSR)
  • Understanding and developing Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) and Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) determination
  • Understanding of real-world fault detection and analysis for ETC system
  • Introduction to validation/testing of the safety requirements and work products, such as test cases, traceability matrices, etc.
  • Introduction to configuration and change management
  • Understanding of the tool qualification process and the importance of using robust/error-free tools for requirements, design, development, and testing



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Course Delivery Models 

We Offer This Course in a 6-Week, Full-Time Model and a Nights & Weekends Model 

6-Week, Full-Time Program

The 6-week, full-time program is designed for anyone who is currently job searching, between jobs, or who has just finished a university degree. This program mimics a full-time, 9-5 work environment for participants to collaborate in teams to find effective solutions.

Students will perform Modules 1 - 6 over a 6-week, full-time, Monday - Friday schedule.

Nights & Weekends

The nights & weekends program is designed for engineers who are looking to develop their professional skills after hours; whether it’s after your 9-5 job, university studies, or busy schedule, this program will allow you to train in a new skill set while maintaining current responsibilities.

Students will perform Modules 1 - 6 over an 8-week period of Wednesday evenings and Saturday/Sunday sessions.


Training Dates + Locations 

Columbus, IN

Multiple Dates Throughout 2023 - Please contact us!






Tuition & Fees

At LHP we understand that higher education costs can be overwhelming. That is why we offer two flexible payment plans with features that ease the burden. 


Pay and Learn: 

Pay 100% of the tuition upfront, before the start of the class, and receive a substantial discount off the list price.  

Learn to Earn: 

This plan allows you to make a small deposit to reserve your spot in one of our trainings, then pay a low $25 monthly payment upon completion of training. Once you secure qualifying employment, you’ll make larger, yet still manageable, monthly, interest-free payments until your entire tuition is paid in full. All payments made go toward your balance. It's that easy!

6-Week Program


Proceed to Payment

To secure your seat for this 6-week course, a $500 deposit is required. 


LHP Training Solutions is honored to have our training curriculums approved through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), "the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity." Upon successful completion of an LHP course, participants will receive an IEEE Certificate of Completion with CEUs awarded.



Mentoring & Coaching

In addition to being immersed in the perfect learning environment, you will also be surrounded by mentors to help you master the soft skills needed to excel as an automotive engineer. LHP is about more than just learning new skills as an engineer, it’s about taking your career to the next level.


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