Microsoft moves Euro distribution over sue-risk

The company is moving the center from Germany to the Netherlands

Microsoft scraps Custom XML from Word

The software giant strips out patent-infringing technology from Office 2007 by offering a patch to OEMs. But the company still leaves Dell, HP and others little time to make Jan. 11 deadline

Adobe launches cloud-based services suite

Adobe Flash Platform Services features online hosted services that enables flash developers to add capabilities to Web applications using a cost efficient deployment model...

IT Budget & Staffing survey shows bleak year ahead

The number of CIOs planning budget decreases continues to rise dramatically, according to 208 IT executives

Oracle, Red Hat spar over Linux

Oracle and Red Hat offer markedly different perspectives on Oracle's plan two years ago to support Red Hat's own Linux customers

Bridging two wireless access points

Columnist Ron Nutter says connecting two wireless access points can be done, as long as you don't use it to service laptop users at the same time

U.S. Defence Department was sold counterfeit Cisco gear, according to FBI presentation

According to a leaked U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation presentation, the FBI is very concerned about the issue of counterfeit Cisco equipment. The presentation underscores problems in the Cisco supply chain.

Inside the Green Grid’s action plan

The environmentally-minded industry consortium held its technical committee meeting in San Francisco last week with input from U.S., Japanese and European concerns. Find out what's next

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